5. Lignum Vitae

Sept 2021 

2021, Sectional Elevation, Hand Drawing & Digital Collage. 

A proposal for the Devínska Kobyla Missile Base Competition. The competition concerns a suite of ruined and overgrown Soviet era silos, bunkers and barracks perched upon a hill overlooking Bratislava. Our proposal was awarded an ‘Honourable Mention’ for bringing ‘radical ideas about the program... and deserve recognition for not being afraid to push the boundaries of the imagination and challenge the status quo.’

The brief suggested ideas on future use that we felt were at once uninspired, banal and conventional, even by the standards of architectural re-use. We felt it senseless to feature a monument-museum-cafe complex in a location so remote and of so much natural beauty, especially in a Soviet-era missile base which is not un-common to the region. Some kind of Cold-War memorial should no doubt be reserved for more significant sites in Slovakia.